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Aria Communications got all you need for the best VoIP phones and IP phones. Our Voice Over IP phones help to suit every task that you want to accomplish, and the IP phones are also available at budget-friendly prices. We deliver Voice over IP phones to cater for an open source or proprietary system.#

What is a VoIP Phone?

A VoIP Phone looks like a regular telephone, and certainly works as one. Still, the hardware is built using data network technology, or more specifically, IP-aware components. The VoIP phone will connect to an IP-Network using regular ethernet cables or using WiFi. Cordless VoIP phones are also available, and these devices take another industry standard cordless technology called DECT, so that the phones communicate with a base station using the DECT protocol, while the base station communicates with an IP-PBX using SIP and RTP as their transport protocols.

VoIP Phones are fast becoming the standard for business communications. Giving end-users the look and feel of traditional telephones, these clever devices actually provide all the flexibility associated with VoIP solutions.

We have varied shapes and sizes of Voice over IP phones, and we have several models from top manufacturers of IP phones, including the availability of corded and cordless SIP phones. Clients can also receive a SIP-enabled phone that can double as a mobile phone.

The selection of the right VoIP is also made easy with the use of our services. Aria Communications helps you to choose from over 300 different desktop SIP phones from the industry’s best manufacturers. So we guide you on your choice of either multiple line appearances, dual Ethernet ports, the need to impress an executive or the need to work with a tight budget.

Conventional telephone v/s VoIP Phone

The difference between conventional telephone lines and Voice over IP phones is in the use of an internet protocol that enables IP phones to connect to either a LAN connection or a wireless connection, also enabling it to make phone calls over the internet as opposed to a conventional telephone line.

Cost Saving

The use of an IP phone can lead to a great reduction in the amount spent on the telephone bill, thereby enabling our clients to reduce the cost of running their businesses.

VoIP Protocol

Session Initiated Protocol (SIP), is presently incorporated in many new phones, enabling easy connection between users. The experience of VoIP is enhanced with the use of SIP because it allows the use of multimedia during a conversation.

SIP technology is now embraced by many in the  SIP Phones community. Though SIP technology is in its infant stage, it is considered to have the potential of influencing substantial changes in the P2P communications community.

VoIP Phones from Aria communications

Aria Communications provides a number of Best VoIP phones solution to meet all your needs, providing a wide range of choices that are targeted towards meeting the individual need of every customer.

Also, we provide SIP phones with full warranty, and the SIP phones must be supported by our in-house experts, the VoIP phones must also be SIP compliant and must work in conjunction with most of the popular VoIP phone systems available on the market.

We have a great stock of VoIP phones from all major manufacturers like Polycom. Snom…. The majority of the IP phones we have are in stock for next day delivery.

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