Videxio provides one cloud for all your video solutioins. Video meetings, video calling, and simplified live streaming / recording. Video communication for every occasion on a dedicated, truly global network.

Today leading companies are obtaining greater business effectiveness and value through cloud-driven collaboration. Flexible work environments, mobile workforce productivity and the ability to collaborate across time zones and beyond organisational boundaries are the key reasons why we are experiencing a collaboration shift.

Collaborating in the cloud overcomes any technology barriers and enables connectivity across vendors, platforms, standards and devices. The cost and complexity of deploying video communications is no longer a barrier, there’s no need to deploy expensive hardware infrastructure, which eliminates capital equipment spending. It’s never been simpler or more cost effective to video-enable your entire organisation.

Great quality calls require great coverage. Video calls are especially sensitive to network conditions. To ensure great coverage, we have datacenters all over the globe. To ensure optimal quality, we switch your calls onto our dedicated video network so that all calls have the quality of a local call.

International video traffic between our data centers (Videxio PoP) will use our guaranteed-capacity network, and the optimal call routing between the PoPs will ensure minimum network delay, jitter and packet loss.Our redundant datacenters have automated monitoring and are hot swappable for maximum redundancy, reliability and security.

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