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video conferencing meeting room

Meeting Room Conferencing Service

High impact, low cost

VaaS software-defined
video conference rooms. Up to 50 video or audio participants.

Video Conferencing Any Device Anywhere

Any Device Anywhere Video

In the office or on-the-go, easily join video meetings from any device: PC/Mac, tablet, mobile, or video conferencing systems.

Video Conferencing High-quality HD video

High-quality HD video Conferencing

You and your customers can enjoy a high-performing video experience anywhere through our dedicated video backbone.

video conferencing Decrease travel costs

Video Calls Decrease travel costs

Meet as often as you like without tyre wear or air miles. Slash your travel expenses and accelerate progress.

Benefit of Video Conferencing, And The Impact On Your Business

Drive productivity through Video Conferencing

Aria Communications is committed towards the delivery of Video Conferencing through Video as a Service. The telepresence services provided by Aria Communications ensures that businesses become more efficient and productive, without any geographical barrier. The effectiveness of businesses is as a result of the fact that face-to-face communication produces a better result than just voice communication.

The facial expression of a client could provide more information than expected about a business deal when video conferencing is involved. So the increasing demand for Video as a service has led Aria Communications to play a leading role in the delivery of Video as a Service for both large and small businesses.

Telepresence Solutions

Aria Communications specialises in the delivery of video communications,Telepresence, audio visual integration, collaborations solutions, and to also act as a collaborating expert in the delivery of video conferencing services.

Global Video Coverage

Great quality calls require great coverage. Video calls are especially sensitive to network conditions. To ensure great coverage, we have data centers all over the globe. To ensure optimal quality, we switch your calls onto our dedicated video network so that all calls have the quality of a local call. An increasing number of business users in more than 190 countries and 12,000 cities are consistently boasting of a remarkable exhilarating experience with Video as a service. So we are committed towards the delivery of services that would have a worldwide impact on businesses. As part of the provision of excellent service delivery, we always ensure that the required collaboration with our clients is ensured to successfully connect workers in any part of the world.

Your own virtual meeting room

Always open – no need to pre-book or setup anything. Perfect for spontaneous calls with three or more participants, weekly team meetings or customer meetings.

  • A unique address for the room
  • Any-to-any connectivity
  • Smart and secure access
  • Personal conference control
  • Streaming and Recording

Reduce Business Cost

More so, the importance of Video as a service cannot be overemphasized, businesses can drastically reduce the cost of business trips, and channel such cost into other important business projects. The time involved in embarking on trips can be eliminated with video conferencing, in addition to an increased level of concentration when on a conference call or online video chat.

High Quality Video

Startups and already established businesses have shown an increasing demand for video conferencing options, and the availability of high-speed internet service has made it possible for businesses to get the required standard of connectivity that is obtainable for sound and video clarity during video conferencing. The use of our high-speed broadband makes it possible for businesses to experience the required standard video conferencing that would not experience buffering.

Grow your business

Aria Communications prides in the delivery of telepresence services that would encourage the expansion of businesses and so takes the required step towards the use of equipment that showcases the latest design in technology. With Aria Communications, you need not bother about the business project that requires your team to work at different continents with the need for real-time communication.

Retain current Conferencing investment

Also, adequate information is collected regarding the equipment owned by our clients to make the right interconnectivity among business units for a great Video as a Service.

More so, we do ensure that we can work at multiple levels of an internal organization.

Video Streaming and Recording

The ability to record and archive meetings through the use of our Video as a Service would be of great benefit to businesses. VaaS allows you to stream and record your conference directly to YouTube Live Event and enables an unlimited amount of viewers at the same time – in high definition (HD) video.

Our Service

The managed services that we offer covers every aspect of video content management, video conferencing and the monitoring of real-time video, while our professional service includes the more technical area of maintenance, support, consulting, system integration and many others. Our Video as a Service capability enables us to offer both professional and managed services for effective conference calls and online video chat.

With the use of our services, we can ensure the success of the following:

  • Connecting your remote teams with the most natural video conferencing experience
  • Enhancing office 365 and Skype, for better business collaboration experience.
  • The empowerment of your business with a collaboration infrastructure that fits your company’s size and budget.
  • The Provision of the needed space and tools that are needed by your team for effective collaboration.

Conclusion On Our Service

In conclusion, our provision of a dedicated video backbone ensures that video streaming is not interrupted. The video performance is top-notch, making it suitable for all businesses, without having communication challenges with clients. The delivery of high-performance video conferencing is the priority of Aria Communications.


Aria VaaS Pricing


Video As A Service

Business User license

Your own video conferencing room
Up to 50 participants

Fixed cost per user
Unlimited usage

Enterprise Business User Licences (EUL) per user, per month

Aria Price + VAT

1-9 users


10-49 users


50-99 users


100-499 users


500-999 users


1000-4999 users


5000 and above

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*Note there will be an additional oneoff charge of £299 + VAT for 50 users plus licenses

For 50 plus licenses you can qualify for a 50% saving.

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