Aria VaaS Pricing

User license

Your own room
Up to 30 participants

Fixed cost per user
Unlimited usage

Enterprise User Licences (EUL) per user, per month

Price + VAT

1-9 users


10-49 users


50-99 users


100-499 users


500-999 users


1000-4999 users


5000 and above

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*Note there will be an additional oneoff charge of £299 + VAT for 50 users plus licenses

For 50 plus licenses you can qualify for our EWA: Enterprise-Wide Agreement license with a saving of over 50%.

An Aria VaaS-t, Virtual Video Meeting Room allows you to host video meetings for up to 30 individual participants without the need to invest in your own on-premises infrastructure.

Using our Virtual Video Network you will have your own private virtual video meeting room that can be accessed by any standards-based HD or SD video endpoint, mobile and desktop client that you prefer.

We provide you with instant access to your own virtual meeting room via a dedicated address.

Ideal for organisations that want to manage and schedule their own multi-site video conferences.

Key Benefits:

  • Support for wide range of video endpoints, including mobile & desktop, web browsers, Skype for Business and standard telephony
  • Audio, Video and Content sharing
  • Simple Dial in Process
  • Scalable
  • Fully Secure in ISO accredited environment
  • Encryption & Password protection available
  • No on-going operational costs
  • Instant deployment
  • Enterprise-ready

Optional Endpoint Subscription

Endpoint Subscription Premium £129.00 + VAT

Endpoint Subscription Plus (Recommended) £109.00 + VAT

Endpoints Subscription Basic £89.00 + VAT

The Endpoint subscription provides a registration service for hard endpoint (e.g., HDX, Group Series, or other standards-based H.323 and SIP codecs), and are available only to companies that also purchase an Aria VaaS VMR. The service allows hard endpoints (physical codec units) to register to Aria VaaS-t platform at 1 of 3 levels of infrastructure consumption (e.g., Basic, Plus or Premium). This provides the end customer with choices on the level of video quality. Endpoints can then see directories, dial point-to-point, dial directly to off-net resources, receive calls directly from off-net resources, and dial to VMRs using a simplified dial string.

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