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The pure SIP PBX Hosted Service provided by Aria communications ensures the functionality of a traditional phone system as well as a combination of other additional features. This functionality enables you to make and receive calls from the PSTN Network, with the calls following an advanced routing pattern, with instant activation for additional functionality as you so desire, with no need to engage an expert.

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 Why PBX Hosted?

The delivery of a varied range of telecoms services via internet connections is made possible with the use of Hosted PBX. The utilization of ISDN or analog lines as associated with traditional PBX now gives way for the use of the more trusted Hosted Cloud PBX UK. On-premise PBX was the most common way to own a business phone system, but the increased availability of high-speed data connections and the improvements in software and hardware stability and functionality have resulted into cloud-based SIP networks that offer a Hosted PBX phone system.

The use of Hosted Cloud PBX UK is presently the preferred PBX Hosted choice and Hosted PBX enables the delivery of high-definition VoIP calls, and PBX Hosted Service is not limited to a voice call, as it has witnessed a growing popularity in video and instant messaging, having the option of encrypting any information.


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The benefits of our PBX Hosted service include the following;

Instant Setup

We make changes to appear live from anywhere in the world, and our portal eliminates configuration lead times.

24/7 Support

Only a few organizations can call on behalf of their partners, which is unlike what is obtainable at Aria Communications. We place calls to our clients on behalf of their partners, especially when you have issues related to Cloud PBX UK and PBX Hosted Service.

Also, we provide 24/7 technical support that is available at no cost to our clients.


The intuitive nature of our PBX Hosted Service enables clients to easily add new customers, view existing customer configuration, and also make changes to customer account details.


As a top VoIP Providers our Hosted PBX and VoIP service is the most reliable service that you can find.  Our non-existent or low-level of redundancy across the platform emphasizes our level of high-efficiency.


We make it possible for clients to scale up or down easily. Clients can easily add or remove features, with the ability to add 1000s of numbers or extensions in real-time whenever it is required. The high level of scalability makes it very convenient for businesses that would experience rapid expansion.


Our mobile friendly system enables you to access extensions from any internet connection, irrespective of the geographical location. A Cloud PBX can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and devices can be spread over multiple geographical locations. Our mobile friendly nature is also evident in our support for different mobile development platforms.


We are among the top VoIP providers with complete privacy for all on-net endpoints via our optional encryption feature. Using TLS and SRTP means that calls cannot be intercepted. The high level of security makes it impossible for hackers to penetrate the system.

In conclusion, the increasing need for VoIP Service among several businesses, indicates the benefit it would have on your business once implemented

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