My Meeting Video

My Meeting
  • Connect on high quality audio and video with your colleagues and business partners.

  • Show presentations, spreadsheets and other content from your computer.

  • Call point-to-point or access your conference room for team meetings.

  • Join scheduled meetings with a single touch

My Meeting Video App

My Meeting Video from Aria Communications Poweered by Videxio is a software client/app for your PC, MAC, Android or iOS device. It turns these devices into powerful videoconferencing tools allowing you to connect securely in high quality audio and video with your colleagues and business partners across the globe. Enjoy a point-to- point call with one of your contacts, or host a team meeting in your personal conference room where participants can join from any standards-based video system like Polycom or Cisco, from Microsoft Skype for Business, or from a web-browser or a phone. Everything is hosted in the cloud with no need for any additional infrastructure.

A user of My Meeting Video also have access to the MyVidexio portal to download software, host meetings and monitor usage.

My Meeting

Key features

  • High quality video collaboration from a PC, MAC, Android or iOS device.
  • Secure business to business (B2B) connectivity.
  • An always updated phonebook ensures quick access to contacts, and personal conference room.
  • Invite anyone to join your personal conference room using standards-based videoconferencing systems, Microsoft Skype for Business, browser-based video, or phone.
  • Users can share their entire screen or application (PC, MAC).
  • Join scheduled meetings with a single touch (Android, iOS)
  • Auto registration using Videxio’s Smart Roaming enables global coverage.
  • Monitor usage and manage your conference room using MyVidexio
  • Centrally managed and deployed.

My Meeting Video can be downloaded at the click of a button from the MyVidexio portal, Google Play or AppStore.

For specifications and device requirements click here for details.

Enjoy My Meeting Video Features