Financial Services Video Conferencing Solution

In today’s turbulent and unpredictable financial environment, banks and financial institutions worldwide are turning to voice and video collaboration solutions to reduce their costs, improve their productivity and streamline their operations.

Aria Communication Financial Services Video Conferencing Solution Powered by Videxio and Polycom can help Financial Services achieve the above.

Remote Branch Communications

Enhance branch collaboration and increase customer satisfaction with Aria Communications video collaboration solutions Powered by Polycom and Videxio.

Bank customers prefer to seek service and product information by physically visiting branch locations. Many banks, however, are saddled with an obsolescent branch infrastructure that is poorly aligned with their sales goals. Real-time video collaboration between branch offices and headquarter locations can facilitate a new era of customer service that includes distance learning, remote experts and more timely and actionable corporate communications. This collaborative environment can ultimately transform the obsolescent branch into a vibrant sales channel that is more responsive, and able to offer more products and services such as access to remote experts.

Financial Services Video Conferencing Solution
Financial Services Video Conferencing Solution

Remote Expert Services for Clients

Distinguish your organization from the competition by using Aria Comunications Video Conferencing Solution Powered by Polycom and Videxio to provide more personalized service.

Organisations in the Financial Industry continuously face the challenge of needing to provide a high quality service to clients whilst reducing overheads and increasing productivity. Financial services are dependent upon making quick decisions, responding immediately to fluctuations in the market, and staying on top of constantly changing financial policies & regulations, all whilst improving customer loyalty and service.

Video Trading

Speed decision making and increase productivity with Polycom audio and video collaboration solutions.

In a trade market morning call, traders and brokers receive market research and other relevant information prior to the opening bell.

With Aria Communications Video Conferencing Solution Powerd by Polycom sand Videxio, you can broadcast the call live or on-demand over voice, video, or wireless systems. Your staff can record and archive sessions for replay throughout the day, increasing productivity through content sharing.

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