3 Disadvantages of On Premise PBX

3 Disadvantages of On Premise PBX

Many business are now moving away from On Premise PBX and migrating to Cloud PBX. If your business is still using an On Premise PBX there are several reasons why not upgrading and switching to Cloud PBX can affect the performance of your business here are 3 of them.

1st Disadvantage of On Premise PBX- What does your customers think of your customer service?

Having the hottest product is one thing but if your customer service experience is poor customers will not buy from you.

  • What does your customers think of your customer service representative?
  • How long are you keeping your customers waiting?
  • Does your customers get connected to the correct department firstime?
  • Do you know how many customers are hanging up?

You probably don’t have the answer to any of these questions if you still have an On Premise PBX.

Cloud PBX provides a number of features that will provide you with these answers to better manage the performance of your business:

  • Cloud PBX seat includes Standard Call Reporting which provides key information in graphical and tabular format on any device to help you run your business.
  • Advanced Call Reporting which delivers live dashboards and detailed reporting for Call Centres.
  • Call recording is also available to help you train your staff to better handle customers.

2nd Disadvantage of On Premise PBX - What happen when your On-Premise PBX stop working?

Your On-Premise PBX is a single point of failure unless you have a redundant solution:

  • Not every business can afford the cost of two On-Premise PBX to create a redundant solution.
  • If your PBX is under maintenance support, normal SLA on a priority 1 fault is 4hrs to get an engineer to site.
  • Can you afford not to be contactable by your customers?
  • What happen if your site is inaccessible?

Cloud PBX are designed as a redundant solution across two data centers in different geographical locations. So if the Primary Cloud PBX server goes down within minutes your service will be restored across the Secondary Cloud PBX, sometimes without you even noticing.

  • Cloud PBX is fully redundant
  • Cloud PBX is full managed and monitored 24 x 7
  • You can have a primary  and a secondary redundant data connection back to the Cloud PBX Provider network for a fraction of the cost of implementing a redundant On-Premise PBX.
  • If your site is inaccessible Cloud PBX support Business Continuity (CFNR) Call Forward Not Reachable. All calls will automatically be forwarded to a registered mobile or landline.

3rd Disadvantage of On Premise PBX - How scalable is your On-Premise PBX?

Your company is growing and you want to add new phones to your On-Premise PBX, you need to get in touch with your PBX maintainer to find out if you have capacity to add new users, on top of buying the Phones you might need to buy a new system card and they will have to send an engineer to site to install the card. Very expensive..

You business is expanding and want to add a new site to your organisation you'll have to buy an additional PBX. Most likely the PBX you bought originally is now out of date, therefore you will need to upgrade your current PBX to interconnect with the PBX for the new location. No only is this expensive, now you have several systems to maintain.

  • Adding and removing phones on an On-Premise PBX is not straightforward
  • On-Premise PBX can only support a set number of phones.
  • If you purchasing an On-Premise PBX today you're setting up your company to not grow.

Cloud PBX on the other hand is scalable, there is no limit to the number of phones or office locations you can add. With a Cloud PBX you can add and remove users through a web portal, all you need is for the Cloud PBX provider to remotely update your user license and ship a pre configured phone for you to plug and play.

When opening a new site you just order the data connection and add users to your current account via the web portal or just ask your Cloud PBX provider to add and configure users for you remotely and most providers will do this free of charge. Deploy handsets on site and you are good to go.

  • Add and Remove users when you want
  • Scale up and add new sites
  • Cloud PBX software is always kept upto date by service provider.

Boost Your Business Performance With Cloud PBX

Aria Communications prides itself on offering the very highest quality Cloud PBX service, from Consultancy, Design and Planning. If you would like to migrate to Cloud PBX, contact us today. You can be confident that when you use Aria Communications, you are in capable hands.

For an increasing number of businesses, the premise-based PBX model is a notion of the past. There are several reasons why not upgrading and switching to Cloud PBX can actually hinder the performance of your business.

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