Why Video Conferencing Prevents Critical Miscommunications

Why Video Conferencing Prevents Critical Miscommunications

If you have ever been talking with a client over the phone, you probably realize that a lot can be lost in blind communication. While it can be better than text or email, some people still have a hard time interpreting the intended meaning of verbal statements. While you might think that is odd, it is more common than you may realize. The following are a few reasons why you should consider video conferencing instead.

Why Video Conferencing Can Improve Communication When Negotiating a Deal

When you are speaking with a client over the phone, there is a disconnect that happens when a client cannot see your face and you cannot see theirs. When working a deal through video conferencing instead, you are better able to see how a person is physically reacting to what you are saying. By being able to read their facial features and other bits of body language, you will know if your approach is working or hurting your ability to close the deal.

Also, video conferencing will allow you the opportunity to provide your potential customer or client with a view of diagrams or any other useful visual aids you would like to use to help them understand how good your offer truly is.

Clients That Are Hard of Hearing

One of the problems with using the phone to communicate and negotiate with clients is that many of your clients may be hard of hearing. Fortunately, this provides a great argument why video conferencing is a fantastic means for overcome the problem of not being able to hear well over the phone. Many videos can be augmented with closed captions or even more persuasive, easy to read, text for all your viewers — even the ones whose hearing is just fine.

Miscommunication Over the Phone Sometimes Leads to Trouble

Since a client can get the wrong idea from listening to you speak over the phone, it can be helpful to utilize video conferencing to help clients gain a more accurate perspective of what you are trying to convey. The last thing you want is for a client to take what you say to them the wrong way and then try to go after you or your business in court.

By utilizing video conferencing for your business conversations, you can keep a recording of the conversation around for legal review. Sometimes, video footage of what transpired is the best type of evidence to have when you or your company is being dragged through court. This type of evidence will make it easier for your attorney to obtain an informed perspective of what took place.

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